A Very Good Idea

Actually I thought that you came up with a very good idea.

And, of course, had it been up to me,

I would have contrasted the idea that you came up with,

with the ideas that most of the rest of us had to struggle to insure.

I would have said that your good idea, even allowing for some careless hindsight,

was polite enough that it never walked into the house with snow on its feet.

It never put its bracelets on in front of you,

knowing that you wanted to put them on yourself.

In front of a mirror anchored to the down of your thoughts,

it never sought to look at itself more than once or twice an hour.

And then only when it felt that you were tired

and strangely oblivious to the things that it knew.

Instead of making us weary, though, your idea was grateful.

It was even jubilant when the sky that it originated descended into an April bowl.

And it was happy enough, that when it brought us little cups of water,

all it wanted to do was to be able to drink out of the ones that we have been given.

And pray to the ones we had not.

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