Post Post-Icarus

About suffering they're usually wrong

Newscasters make bad Old Masters: how each event

Is not given equal time or position;

The cat in the tree less airtime than Towers becoming streets;

How, when parents are reverently, passionately waiting

Near televisions for news of battle and sons and daughters, there must be

Students who do not care it is happening, skipping

Off to take a test in the rear of a lecture hall:

The soldier forgets

Using hand to prevent his intestines

From falling out, that he is in a dull street

Where the number of meteors

Impinging on the site does not deviate statistically from the mean

In today's newscast, for instance: how everything turns away

Quite timely from disaster; the temperature tomorrow will be 78.

There is an 84% chance of rain, it will be sunny again by Thursday.

Across town, a mechanic sips coffee, picks up the paper, turns the page:

104th Casualty Incurred. Scans the comics, turns the page:

Virgo, now is the time to ask for a raise.

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