Sweet Sir

What your beard else is I know not.  What your lashes else are I admire.  You depend on the strength of your brows.  The wrinkles on your forehead when solving universal theories on pi.  What your name else is I forgot.  What your teeth else are I acquire.  What about the soles of your shoes?  You understand the weight of never-ending soliloquies.  For you, the mountains have quit smoking.  What your tongue else is I take hold.  What your mind else is or is not I know.  What about your breath?  The soliloquies dropping from your teeth.  What about your shoelaces?  How they never strangle your feet.  What your socks else are, what your toes else are.  What your brows else are are your brows.  What about the tires?  And the squeaks they make on the street.  What your beard else is marks your cheeks.  What your teeth know not.  What knots are in your mind.  What your jaw does to your tongue.  What kisses mark your cheeks.  

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