Kitty Karry-All

"Down will come cradle, baby and all."
         —Cindy Brady, The Brady Bunch

Don't mess with Kitty Karry-All.  She carries all.

If you try, Cindy will lisp, Thame on you!

Then she'll strangle you with the fuzzy yarn of her pig-tails.

What does Kitty carry?

A love note from Mike's first wife.

The truth behind Bobby's dye-job.

Alice's pink nightie.

10 warheads aimed at the Bay of Pigs.

An extended warranty on the station wagon.

A canary that once lived in Carol's rib-cage.

Futures gleaming in her thermoplastic hair:

Marcia sells her body for white powder.

Cindy guzzles chardonnay.  Jan is primly sober.

Peter boots computers,

Greg greets a crowd in Vegas—

"Far-out" sounding hokey

in the glow of smart phones.

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