When I was sent into yon forest

Some 30,000 years ago, someone wrapped a scarf around my

Red red face and said, "Be good, god damn it

Be good be god by god be good Or else."

My bottom sore and fingers sticky from pear juice

Hair damp with lake water

Feet hardened over gravel

And I was good, by god. I was good.

In my Petri dish I played

And blueberries sound nice on lantern-lit nights

When I made a paper wish

And set it sailing aflame across the lake.

Between the trees I built my nest in a damp earth

And looked at people who did not look at me.

I didn't want them to.

But Fluctuation is part of the human experience.

Keep your coat on, clothes on,

Lose control on, TV off, roll up roll up

Sit down get down boogie tonight

Lights camera—

—what went on?

30,000 years later,

wondering why you are made of bones

and wondering what your bones are made of,

Stumbling around your kitchen at 2 a.m.

Being smooth, a grand illusion in a rippling room

Where the walls are raining, and waving a fin at you.

Being strong, because your legs are too long.

Being sick because you don't know anything.

Being good.

being good God good.

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