Naoko Yamazaki Has One Child and Belongs to the Japanese Rocket Society

Japanese fable: Rabbits on the moon pounding mochi with mallets cause craters

A crater is not a hole

A crater on the moon is considered an impact crater

Rabbits burrow holes for habitation on earth

Rabbits cannot comprehend space exploration

Earth has an oblate spheroid shape

Moon comes with night

Night comes with the moon

It is difficult to see at night

Mochi is glutinous rice repeatedly pounded and kneaded to gummy consistency

Mochi is made with one person pounding with mallet the other wets and kneads it

Mallet is kine in Japanese

Mortar is usu in Japanese

A steady rhythm between kine and usu creates optimal consistency of mochi

In making mochi kine hand must be extremely careful not to destroy usu hand

Loud chants are exchanged in chants between kine and usu in making mochi

Machines in factories make mochi

Machines have a steady rhythm

Machines do not know recipes

Many people on earth have sex at night

Sex without condom can make babies

Rabbits make many babies

Rabbits have much sex

Rabbits do not know condom

Many people sleep at night

Labor in society is rare at night

For some people sex is hard work

Some people have body image issues

Some people have sexual psychological trauma

A slang word for thrusting penis into vagina is "pounding"

Mochi with a sweet type filling is called Daifuku in Japanese

Daifuku Mochi have an oblate spheroid shape

The dark gives cover for privates

Some animals can see in the dark with tapetum lucidum tissues over the eyes

Humans do not have tapetum lucidum over the eyes

Dark is dark

Night is dark

Night vision goggles help seeing in the dark

Many prostitutes cost less than a good pair of night vision goggles

Pornography costs less than night vision goggles

Pornography costs less than a prostitute

It is free to masturbate

A physically strong person with a mallet could destroy a pair of night vision goggles

There has been moon exploration by man and machines

Machines do not get paid

People who explore space are called astronauts

If the same astronaut keeps going back to the moon, that astronaut’s interest will wane

People who are bored with something do poorly at doing it

Some astronauts have died on mission

All astronauts will die

No astronaut has reported seeing rabbits on the moon pounding mochi with mallets

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