pineapple and soda

so my sister just got locked up again.

i've called her house the past three days.

her ex-girlfriend proffered

address of the new champion insanity suite

skating rink of the damned


she's the only soldier i have free at the moment,

too many nervous campaigns of the heart.

watchman's cap and

the cat was waiting for me when i got home,

watching the front door do nothing

go nowhere. she is sing-songy and fierce.

so i blew a joint and worked quadratic formulae

i ate two cheeseburgers tonight and passover brisket

(though not necessarily in that order)

and then got to play staring games in the street

i pulled the slide back on my .22 Ruger

the one with the barrel like a stainless steel champagne flute

the one with which the go-south boys shoot fireflies

out of the vacuous dusk; great colander of gray sky pie,

mercurial Sunday

we count our pens, our pencil skirts

whilst waiting for the engine to warm

all the parts of me that are

external and therefore


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