My Tutor Taught Me Angrily

My tutor taught me angrily, his fists walking about my ears,

That I was to smile with great indulgence on Young Love.

Prepared for me from the Beginning was the poisonously boiling water.

Since I see I cannot avoid it, I am working up a thirst.

My mother's skin and my father's beard are a comfort to me in dreams.

I spend all my waking life trying to improve on those pleasures.

Immaturity's not knowing your motives?  No, it's something rather worse.

Immaturity is not knowing that your motives are transparent.

A glass ball is a good stop to the mouth of a glass bottle.  I can't stop

Lightly drumming my nails on the floor of this paper cup.

A beautiful girl—beautiful!—despite her buck teeth.  She says,

With her eyes on fire, that she's never felt this way before;—

She's never felt this way before, but she's only nineteen.

Get over yourself, Madrid.  She's never felt any way before.

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