The Splendor of You Cubed

you make me fizzy fizz fizz
like a bottle of soda shaken
with hyperactive ten year old boy fists
I'm spewing sugar all over the place
I'm not very good for you
but you like
to burp

you scare the bats away
from my window
they know you are fierce
in your frankenstein love

the mailman woke me up knocking
what he brought to my door
was your heart
a kaleidoscope that let me step inside
and dance around

in another life I was your favorite prostitute
I lived over the saloon in Tombstone, Arizona
you were the cowboy always
riding away

in this life you are my favorite angel
no plans on returning to paradise
you are happy to be camped out
in my splintered dystopia

in dreams you are my monkey
my pet
my partner in crime
you throw the coconuts
to distract the fuck face fuckers
I steal the diamonds
that will buy us
some time  
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