Dream Fish Sequence


I come upon them perched
in weeping willows.  Pewter
bodies glint among the dripping leaves.

The moon rolls across their wide eyes,
mouths open in 'O's.

As they slowly die I turn
over in my sleep.


I swallow water, hover dumbstruck
in front of the glass wall of a restaurant—
remembering, forgetting
how I got here.

I cry out to the diners
wavering in front of me,
wave to get their attention,
but they don't notice.  I look down
at my arms:  thin-silken flimsies
fanning the water.


First slice:  white meat presents
itself beneath a gasp of steam
as metal scraped along bone
liberates the first bite.

Mouth meets flesh, taste
stirs memories:
oceans, oily depths,
eyes cupped wide in fear
as the first of our kind
leave the water.  
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