Small Rabbits

Dentist Ugbow said, "It's got to come out!"
      "When?" I wanted to know.  "Not right now?"
      He coughed.  "Yes, right now."  His face went red and tears came to his eyes.  "Excuse me."  He hacked for a full three minutes.  "Oh god.  Piece of tooth in my throat."
      I left, got out of that small, steel room.  And my goodness! what a day.  The streets were golden with light, and in the sky a moon—full, translucent, and blue.
      I went to a booth and called the girl in my book.  "Look," I said, "I'd like to meet you at the water."
      We stood on the beach and I convinced her she should kiss me.  I said, "Your hands are small rabbits.  That soft."  She opened her teeth and drank me up.
      That night, lying in bed, the tiny man with the hammer got to work in my mouth.  I was exquisite with pain; the universe throbbed.
      "Dentist Ugbow," I breathed.  "I hope you're okay?"  The night gave back an enormous, white cough.  
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