Being Necessary for the Maintenance of the Shimmy-Shammy

We built a hut just for the jukebox.  Above it we hung little
lights on a string.  At night the girls gather there to sip iced
cocktails and shake about to the music.  It really is pleasant.
Occasionally the lions come down from the hills and try to
crawl into the hut.  We let them at first, but then they carried
away one of the girls.  We were out all night looking for
her.  Finally she was discovered halfway down a tunnel in
the side of the mountain where our god lives.  So we said,
"No more!"  Now any time the lions come up to the hut as it
twinkles and wobbles in the night, we have guys whose job
it is to beat them back with big sticks.  Lately, they've made
a thing out of hitting the lions in time with the tunes on the
jukebox.  The girls seem to appreciate this; they shake
themselves even more energetically.  
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