The Growing of Things

Where have my flowers gone?  I left them here.  Right here with their yellow petals sticking out of the dirt.  The ground was so bare after the snow and the mud and the trampling children.  I brought the flowers here in a basket with blue ribbons, right here, and dug my fingers into the dirt.  I buried the stems so the petals would stand up, but now they're gone.

I came out here to water them.  I brought my book so I could sit beside them and read to them.  I have a pail of water now and nothing to pour it on.  It was heavy to carry.  My shoulder hurts and I don't know if I can carry it back.

I buried some seeds here once.  I put them in my pocket and kept my hand on them the whole time so they wouldn't get lost.  I brought a spoon, but I like to dig my fingers in the dirt better.  It's cool under my nails.  I put the seeds in the ground and I sat here all day, but nothing happened.

I went to the store and asked a lady there.  She said I had to water them, so I brought them pails of water.  I came every day and looked in the holes I dug, but the seeds just sat there.  They never moved at all.

I heard a man on the street say when his dog died, the flowers grew.  I didn't have no dead dog, but I found a rat in the alley.  It was all puffy.  I carried it to the seeds and I laid it over the holes I dug.  I poured some water on it and sat here, but the only thing that happened was the bugs crawling all over its skin.  It smelled real bad too, so I went away for a couple days.  When I came back, the rat was gone and the seeds still didn't grow.

I asked the lady at the store again.  She said those seeds weren't good no more.  She said maybe I can get some already grown and read to them so they'll get bigger.  She said I didn't need no rat and she squinched her eyes all up.

I went to the park and walked through the flowers.  I was going to get some of the pretty red ones, but a little boy told me I wasn't supposed to be standing in them.  He said they were prize roses, so I got some yellow ones instead.  They weren't very big, but their petals were floppy.  I put them in my basket with my book and brought them here.  I read to them until their petals looked tired.

I came back today with the water.  I had to use both hands to carry it.  I wore my coat with the big pockets so I could bring my book, too, only now I can't find my flowers.  I'm sure they were here, right here, next to these rocks.  I dug in the ground and my dress is dirty.  I been looking for hours and the sun is going down and I'm hungry and tired and I don't know where my flowers have gone.  
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