Arias on the Crosstown

Kid I'd fight the tsunami if it came here and remember we got that flat tire on the way to the airport and that time when I remember when Mick believed in Herbie the Car until the babysitter Jess I got Anne Sexton's initials tattooed on my wrist and my mother said 'it's one short of 'ASS' and I was so mad' Old woman I said I could carry the bag no stop don't bother I said I could carry it why do you always I said I could carry the bag Kid My uncle got really pissed off at the babysitter Old man Come on just lemme whaddaya think this is we gotta get down the stairs and off the bus this man's gotta get over to 10th come on lemme take the other side of it whaddaya think come on I like your tattoo, Jess, and also Beckett World still proof against enduring tumult Rediscovered miraculously after what absence in perfect voids it is no longer quite the same from this point of view but there is no Dude Why they say 'cuts to the bone' why don't nobody say 'cuts through the bone' I think that's the one that's the good one they oughtta say Fat girl Shelley got it and she don't even know she just dress like a old woman she gots to learn how to flip it and bounce it Kid and Mick said how do you know? Justice League could so be real uh-huh yeah he I mean he even thought that—  
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