hot amoeba ass

at kinko's i blew-up the slide of the amoeba's ass 10,000,000 times

i took the amoeba ass photos out in the taxi cab and quietly said, 'oh my god'

at kinko's i said, 'are you sure you can't make it any bigger?'

i sweated and fell down screaming, 'it can't go any bigger, it can't go any bigger!'

i called my mother and hanged up sweating

i removed the bed, table, desk, and chair from my room

i pasted amoeba ass photos on the floor, ceiling, and walls

i fell down masturbating

i stared at the $100,000 electron-scanning microscope on the computer screen

driving home from the biochemical store i fell out of the car screaming, 'amoeba ass is so hot!'

in my room i broke the microscope and rubbed the slide sample on my face

i very quietly went to the corner of my room and sat down shaking

i hugged myself and stared with a worried expression and quietly thought, 'there are five billion hot amoeba asses on my face'  

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