The Entire Ground Covered in Mattress

Stephanie Moore
got a 1580 on her SATs
She took them sick
and missed one entire page.

She told me once
about this French guy—a philosopher
who, after growing quite influential
lived out his days
in a room with no windows
and colorful floor pillows
smoking hash
and watching the movements
of giant turtles
that he had glued large jewels onto.

The turtles must have absorbed the glue
through their shells
which are porous (so you should never
glue or paint live turtles).
The glue, the lack of ventilation
and the hash smoke—
this could not have been healthy for the turtles.

But despite that cruelty
and despite now
not quite remembering
if he was really French, or a philosopher or if it was hash or opium he was smoking and despite the many years since I have known Stephanie Moore (though often I wonder how she's doing) despite the Google searches for "french philosopher hash tortoise"
and "Stephanie Moore"
which yield nothing . . .

Despite all that,
I think upon it fondly.  
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