La Mariposa

What do you think of me nicely.
Are you like me, do you.

Feel the friendly electricity, the friendly city.
Last year, I wrestled professional in Mexico.
What did you do.
I wore a mask with antennae
Called myself "la mariposa" — the butterfly I'm 130 pounds.
I pranced around the ring in a speedo, refusing to fight
Until I could feel
Palpable hate in the crowd.
I'd go straight for the balls.
Only the balls.  Nothing else.
I'd kick em I'd punch em I'd grab em,
I bit them one time.  Generally though,
I'd just whale away on the nuts as the crowd hated and hated me more.  Then
As I'd attempt
Some especially craven, perfidious maneuver
I'd get caught and thrown round the ring for a couple of minutes,
Get the living shit beat out of me—
Until my opponent would climax with his finishing move
And the crowd went 1 2 3 wild a frenzy a real frenzy.
I never won even one match do you like me?
So what did you do nicely last year do you?  
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