Living Without It

The day I gave up my cock was like any other day except that I, you know, gave up my cock.  I didn't really want to let it go.  As a matter of fact, I hung on like grim death.  But, in the end, it was just as well.  I wasn't using it, not for what it was good for anyway.  And there were men, in those days, who took any scrap refused by the elite.  I wanted her to miss it as much as I did but this was silly human ego.  Silly humans, really, we're too much.  That was long ago and I've lived many days now without my cock.  And you, you looked so innocent when you entered the room wearing nothing but a grimace.  You knew my needs.  You knew how much time I'd spent in the Isolation College.  And, still, you smiled at me like a dying moon.  I took it as my due.  You said, I can make your life worthwhile again and I nodded sorrowfully, as sad as an unvoiced prayer.  I knew that you would try and I knew that, in the end, I would be sorry to not have a cock.  And I also knew that you would stay with me anyway, relying on your deadly love and your desire to be everything to me, except, of course, a woman.  
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