Through Time and Space

he is running for the open grave
and he is smiling

he is sleeping with his picture of christ
while i dream of you in a silent room


there is hunger and there is desire
and i am blessed by both

i am shot through with electricity
at the sound of your voice

at the feel of your skin at the
touch of your tongue and i have
waited ten long years to taste your salt again

i have moved past faith and past
despair and into weightlessness

into slow starvation and if he is standing on
his father's bones he knows the truth

if he is anything more than the
ghost of days then you and i were only ever
meant to be naked and fucking on a
bare floor in a burning house

this is what i believe

this is how we breathe

slowly as the snow falls and then faster
and then the way you scream while
my fingers dig into your flesh

the way this moment will
become the rest of our lives

everything we do always caught
in the luminous space
between love and bleeding  
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