The Flummox

Om is the sound of the world going round
"Do it to it" he said
"Shake and side-slant your lil white bones
Soul around, looky here!"

Then I did, I really heard it
Above the wails, across the screams
And it was like, jus like
Northern Soul, syncopated
Well spaced
Chopped scene man, I tell ya

Beats clip-clopped through spiked tops
Of musical mountains
Fountains of ah-ah-ah sexual emotion
Hot buttered and flouncin'
Great islands of no-I-can't-bear-it
Floated, that's it jus floated

"Good things come to those who wait" he said
Unzipping his head "And more
One oo-wee actually hip-jerks another"
It was all so clear  
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