The words, they where glistening
On a green leaf in moving sparkles
Four of them forming a line
They remained
Even after
The shower came
And dripped them away
Silver pearls falling
On broken ground
Sinking into waking soil
Turning into elements of earth
Into stages of seasons
Un bon jour
They will be born again
In the eye of a flower

That was the moment of this day
Then came the rain again
But still she ran
Through unfolding fields
Passing two old women
Did you call the clouds
They said and spun
Their umbra umbrellas
While she drifted
Without boat, without sail
Into the land of dreams
Where she remained
For an hour too long

Woke with the feeling
Of having lost time
Even though all she lost
Was the memory of the world
She wandered through

strange i didn't even think
of typing a poem
i just wanted to send you
word to let you know
that it rained here, too

and umbra.
i just looked it up
thought of it as a colour only
but it's more, it also is
the central dark portion,
or nucleus, of a sun spot

and any one of several species
of sciaenoid food fishes
of the genus Umbrina,
especially the Spanish one
which is highly esteemed
as a market fish
called also ombre
and umbrine

like copper coins
she imagined
they shine  
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