an instant messenger conversation we had about my dad being in jail

i said my plans for tomorrow were to wake up at six p.m. and buy my dad a present

you asked what i was getting my dad, an underground tunnel?

i said a get-out-of-jail-free card from a monopoly set

you said for christmas you were going to cry a little, then go to sleep

i said my eyes just became watery because of emotion and i dabbed my face with kleenex and then sighed contentedly

you said nice use of conjunctives

i asked if anyone we knew was successful

you said you file shit at an office

i said you should file folders with a fishing pole and grin at your boss

you told me to come over to your house

i said i don't have a car because i got in a car wreck

you said you rear-ended someone and felt dumb

i said you should just buy a tank because that's a good investment

you said you drank a lot tonight but didn't get drunk  
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