The Most Man

I tell to him like this: I don't know you man — you are not my friend and if you look my girl more, if you touch her hand one time more I take you out as trash — it sounds tough, no — so, this guy, this big head guy, this big mouth guy, this big talk guy, he say to me, look man, I am friend, I do not want fight . . . blah blah blah and I say him, hey man, you look my girl like this, you talk in her ear and this big smile guy he say, but you are gay no? — me, a gay — I laugh and say fuck you and he say, no it is true, you come to bar with girl and you do not dance with her, do not kiss on her and I say I am no gay I say, you are the gay and he says me, how can I be gay when I do your mom so hard and I am, you know, like red, for me this is red flag, this is kill time and I pull out knife and I say who is big man now, huh punk, like Clint, you know and he, this big hand guy, he just smile to me, and take out huge gun like to kill bull and man, I can just look, no move, and feel like to make dirt in my pants and this big gun guy say go home now boy and the girl, she laugh and she sit with him and the whole bar look and laugh to me, and I run and run home but when I see him I will have big gun too and this big laugh guy will see who is the most man.  
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