Skeeter's Last Stand

Damn you, I was just having a little fun.  It was diving practice, honest.  I only touched down to catch my breath.  Touchdown, how ironic is that?  I only bit when I saw your hand coming in from nowhere, I swear it.  And hey buddy, you were snoring the whole time, talk about deceitful.  Now look at me, what a mess.  Legs twisted, proboscis detached, in a pool of AB Negative.  Damn.  What a way to go.  I hope you itch for days.
      At least I'm not going out on an empty stomach.  No instead, I'm full of your sour protein.  And I know what comes next, I've been watching you.  It's the ultimate indignation, flushing us away to that place you send your putrid stinking waste.  But, take a message to your leader: our day will come.  We were here first.  You think draining the swamp is going to make us go away?  I think not.  Ten thousand will take my place.  I've got cousins who, when I don't show up at the sauna, are going to be really pissed.  Hello Malaria.  I even know guys who carry West Nile.  It was a deal with the Creator, because you humans can't control your birth rates, how evolved is that?  We were flying already, when you couldn't stand upright.
      But it doesn't stop you from demonizing us, does it?  So, what's with the applying of our attributes to humans?  And the German accent-castle in Romania thing?  And the whole movie-cult?  There's enough material here to keep therapists in business for generations.  Oh great, here comes the tissue, couldn't you use a fresh one?  Oh, yuck.  
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