Little Girls Have the Most Candy

Many hairs would be pulled from Annie's head before she would wonder if thirty-minute fun was worth pointed fingers, the lipsticked phone number in the boys' room.  Annie: the one mothers folded hands and whispered pleas over.  (So that sons wouldn't take her to prom.)  She was the one who promised boys her cherry fruit roll-up in exchange for watching them piss on the schoolyard fence.  Because it made her feel like Cruella DeVille, Annie stole red ring pops for her middle finger from the candy aisle at Fred's.  She offered boys a lick, pink tongue over sticky red.  Later, she would grant Ronald chances to slither three, not four, fingers into yellow, lace-edged panties, which led to a hand job for Super Dave across the gearshift of his Camaro.  She decided to follow old Ham's advice to Ophelia before she ended up like a stiff on Law and Order: SVU.  
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