I Want to Eat Chinese Food Off Yr Ass

You know what?
You know what I want to do?
I want to eat Chicken Chow Mein off yr ass I want you naked on a six-foot platter with Roast Pork Chow Mein served on yr ass.
I want chicken with black bean sauce, and I want it off yr ass.
Fried chicken nuggets with broccoli eat it off yr ass.
I want to eat Double Delight baby shrimp off yr ass.
I want to flick little green peas out of the crevice of yr ass.
Diced chicken with cashew nuts on yr butt.
I want to know what a bar-b-q spare rib tastes like eaten off yr ass.
That, and sautéed shredded beef sautéed on yr ass.
I want to eat sweet and sour pork off that ass.
Moo Goo Gai Pan off that ass.
Mongolian beef off that ass.
Honey garlic chicken, Egg Foo Young off yr ass is what I want to eat.

Can I eat fried dumplings off yr booty?
I will not take hell no for an answer.
Can I lube yr bubble butt up with duck sauce and lick it off?
I love egg rolls, but the thought of an egg roll sticking from yr stinker, really sends me.
I like fantail shrimp and teriyaki beef as much as the next Chinese food connoisseur, but the thought of eating them off yr bum sends shock waves through my taste buds, my love.
So how about it?
Can I eat cold noodles off yr butt?
How about soy bean cake and chicken with oyster sauce?
Can I eat shrimp with snow peas off yr buns?
Shrimp with broccoli off yr derriere.
Eating shrimp with peppers and tomatoes off yr ass.
Eating butterfly shrimp off that ass.

Vegetables Egg Foo Young and Roast Pork Egg Foo Young off yr glutes.
Chicken Egg Foo Young and Shrimp Egg Foo Young off yr hind end.
I want yr ass, but only if I can eat orange beef off that keister.
I wonder how Subgum Wonton tastes eaten off yr rump?
I will do anything to find out.  
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