Dear Ceeney

Dear Ceeney,

I feel you on that comment you made.  Ruled by fascist fucks appealing to force.  A hundred years out, there will be no environment.  There will be no constitutional legitimacy a hundred years out.  We will live short, charmless lives and nobody will remember the magic of chess or of popsicles.  Way bad mojo, no?  And here you're asking me (and I would've thought this behind us by a hundred years) to ask your mom out on a date.  She is old enough to be my auntie and pretty far out on lupus drugs.  Get a grip.
      And you with your posture, anyway, you cock.  Why, I say for instance, did you vote for that hooch-maw as County Supervisor?  My quim-scent would make for better leadership, and, yeah, under my household roof it's fine leadership enough.  Sorted.  But now no roadwork favors will win you me-asking-her-out-for-burgers, of course you know.
      Hope you make better choices in the future.  But if you don't, hey.

Nobb R Cobb

PS - Read here that your damn Brahman bull knocked three fence posts down and you know it, so fix the shit quick.  Or get your neo-junta buddies and the sloth team to do it, I don't care.  See you at prayer-meeting.  
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