We sit together in the sunlight at a table by the window and you call to the waitress in the blue apron.  She comes over after wiping her hand on her apron and then through her hair.  She looks at you expectantly until you speak.
      You ask her for more water and the check, then she walks away in her yellow dress.  I watch you look into your purse seriously, reaching for your wallet.
      "Let's do this again soon," I say.  You agree, and I think I see relief in your eyes.
      We hug in the parking lot.  Kiss goodbye -- our lips almost touching except for that film of air between them.  Not like the full mouth-on-mouth ones we exchanged when I was a little girl.
      I get into my car, and you into yours.  As I'm pulling out I see you open your door and get out.  I wonder what you've left inside this time.
      If you need me, I know you'll call my cell from yours.  
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