Frequently Asked Questions About Ham Sandwich Poems

1.  How many poems about ham sandwiches can I send at one time?

2.  How often can I submit a ham sandwich poem?

3.  Do you accept previously published ham sandwich poems?

4.  Do you accept simultaneously submitted poems about ham sandwiches?

5.  What rights do you ask for when you accept a poem written about a ham sandwich?

6.  Are you strictly someone who likes poems about ham sandwiches?

7.  What do you mean by all poems about ham sandwiches are subject to editing?

8.  Why don't you accept poems about turkey or cornbeef sandwiches?

9.  Do you pay for the ham sandwich poems that are accepted?

10.  I received a letter saying I have made it through the first round of ham sandwich poems being considered.  What does that mean?

11.  How quickly will I hear back from you about the status of my poems about ham sandwiches?

12.  What types of poems about ham sandwiches do you accept?

13.  Do you accept poems about egg salad?

14.  Do you accept essays or reviews written about ham sandwiches?

15.  Do you accept photos taken of ham sandwiches?

16.  If I have no previously published poems about ham sandwiches to list, can I still submit?

17.  How can I be a Guest Editor for poems written about ham sandwiches?

18.  Where are your poems about ham sandwiches based?

19.  Do you comment on ham sandwich poems that are rejected?

20.  How short or long can my poems on ham sandwiches be?

21.  Do you accept religious verse about ham sandwiches?

22.  Do you accept rhyming verse about ham sandwiches?

23.  What authors of ham sandwich poetry do you believe exemplify what you are looking for in a poem about a ham sandwich?  
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