All the Astrophysicists Laughed

one day a man spoke about 'dark matter.'

"what's so surprising is not that it exists," he said, "but that there is so little of it."

"couldn't it be," asked one curious man, "that we might just be seeing the slightest shards of an alternate reality that is pressing against the edge of our own?"

all the astrophysicists laughed.  it was a welcomed moment of levity.

while one sipped from his cup of coffee, another winked at the petite blonde girl in the first row.  she whispered something back.  a third imagined making love with the black woman who stood pensively at the back of the hall.  'why is it such an odd idea for a white astrophysicist such as myself of considerable age to contemplate making love with a black girl who stands apart from the crowd?" he thought to himself.  "and why," he wondered, "is she so pensive?  could it be me?"

finally the speaker responded.  "of course not," he stated emphatically, "why the idea that any alternate universe exists, much less exists tangentially if at all . . ."

outside the auditorium, a woman presses her face up against the glass.  her face is red and her mouth is open.  there is something hidden in her hand.  something is terribly wrong.  bad things will happen.  
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