Juked #17
Year Published: 2020
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
Pages: 186

Maggie Su
Looking Glass
Paul Griner
from The Book of Otto and Liam
Richard Wirick
Andrew Tonkovich
My Denial
A. Joachim Glage
The Requirements
Laura Knapp
Jackson Bliss
The Geography of Desire
Janalyn Guo
The Bright Place

Mary Buchinger
Selections from The Transformation of Material Things
Tares Oburumu
strophe xii. the will
Essay on Swimmers
Essay on the Death of the Girl Who Knows Me by Name
Chet Weise
Our House Is a Loudspeaker
C.J. Scruton
Morphology 3
Caroline Cabrera
from Organic Matter
Rita Mookerjee
If I Could Rename My Town I’d Call It Lost
Shoes in My House: An Allegory
L.I. Henley and Laura Maher
Love Stories
Memory/ blue currents
Lightness/ remains
Allison Pitinii Davis
The Neighborhood Girls Play the Drinking Game Thunderstruck During the Thunderstorm While Watching WKBN First News Weather Updates
The Neighborhood Girls Yank on the Cigarette Machine During Their Partly Cloudy Smoke Break
The Neighborhood Girls Take a Road Trip to Cleveland
Ayendy Bonifacio
Unknown Caller
My Father, the Altar Boy
Father, I See you
Mark Gregory Lopez
Ocean Dr.
Eric Tran
Explaining Again Why I Can’t Give Blood
Portrait in Pleather Tee

Siân Griffiths
The World Within, the World Without: A Thought List

Hannah Rego and Maddie Weiner
I’m on My Way to My Doppleganger’s Birthday Party

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